Friday, June 1, 2012

Guam Sucks


Guam Sucks !

Guam is the worst place to visit. The pictures of Guam look pretty, but Guam is really a third world ghetto! The beaches are polluted with sewage !

The local sewage treatment plant is badly neglected. The raw sewage flows right into the water and down to the tourist beaches. Sometimes you can even smell it and see the toilet paper in the water.The locals hate the tourists and will do anything they can get away with. 

There are plenty of beatings, robberies and rapes on the tourists. The whole economy is geared towards fleecing the tourists. The obvious hate that the locals have poisons every human interaction with them. If you come to Guam, you will feel it too. The locals consider the abuse on the tourists as a joke, and something to brag about. You will sit in a restaurant and wait and wait and wonder if the rude waitress is doing something really bad to your food.